The Voron - SplinterCell Blacklist - Ubisoft Toronto

Here's a Throw back to 2013!
As the sole Character Modeler on the Multiplayer CO-OP levels of the game I got to model and texture the main CO-OP villain NPC's, The Voron. Blacklist was a great game to work on and everyone on the team was very proud of what we had accomplished.
Characters - Modeling, Zbrush sculpting, texturing, materials and baking.
~Group shot - Lighting, rendering and final compositing. I wanted to give the shot a menacing atmosphere. The Voron hunting for Sam Fisher!

Additional Artist credit :
Art Direction - Daniel Ebanks
Character Design - Tim Anderson
Back plate environment - Modeling , texturing , lighting - by Hiten Mistry
Weapons and props - Tito Belgrave, Mark Vick.
I'm probably missing names , so many great artists at Ubisoft Toronto.

Ryan bailey voron comp 01 final

The Voron

Ryan bailey voron agent01

Voron Agent

Ryan bailey voron elite01

Voron Elite

Ryan bailey voron tech01

Voron Tech

Ryan bailey voron heavy01

Voron Heavy